Face Recognition Security Systems

What is a Smart Surveillance System?
A smart surveillance system integrates sensors and computer vision into a traditional CCTV system, enabling it to perform identity verification, send instant alerts to security staff, and manage access control – all to further protect an organization’s property and enhance employee safety.
Crimes are not committed when you have someone watching over you. Facial recognition keeps a track on everybody in crowded places. Because of CCTV surveillance cameras being installed in crowded areas, the crime rate has been much less.
Police Authorities:
Police stations have facial recognition systems to track people who have past criminal records and are wanted. The database when matches with a person’s face, it is easier to get hold of criminals through simple algorithms. The police authorities are alerted if the system shows a face match.
Tracking attendance :
Schools and colleges have adopted face recognition both to track attendance and avoid any malicious activity in premises.
Defense Services :
Defense services use face recognition because of the degree of sensitivity involved. Since only a few people have some confidential information hidden with them, with facial recognition, only they can have access to it.
Bank Services :
Banks use this product of Artificial intelligence as a security measure to detect any suspects entering without being identified. Basically, the artificial intelligence technology employed in banks is to avoid bank frauds.
online payment :
Security also contains safe online payments. Since each face is unique like a fingerprint, there is no chance that your payment will be hacked, as the payment will be made once your face matches.
Airport Service :
In many countries, airports use this system of artificial intelligence to recognize faces of passengers so that there are no suspected risks involved. Through facial recognition, the information obtained is authentic and avoids any possibility of error.

From the invention of mobile phones to Artificial Intelligence, technology has come a long way. And the fact that all of us need to accept is, that we have adapted technology with open arms for easing our tasks at hand.
# IoT Based Facial Recognition Security System
# Facial recognition makes access to information more limited and restricted
# Criminal identification
# Provide real-time alerts and reduce labor costs
# Monitor and ensure the correct use of machinery or equipment

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